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1 Introduction. 1. The establishment of the Backbench Business Committee at the beginning of this Parliament was a direct consequence of the work in the last Parliament of the Committee on Reform of the House of Commons, chaired by Dr Tony Wright "the Wright Committee". The Backbench Business Committee is brand-new, and the Standing Orders that brought it into existence were basic—dealing with how many people were on the Committee, its complexion and the allocation of time—so we have made everything else up as we went along. The Backbench Business Committee is clearly a useful new mechanism for strengthening the effective scrutiny of Government by the Commons. We support the motion because it follows the example set by the new arrangements for Select Committee membership, which were hard fought for.

We are committed to the Backbench Business Committee having time for Back-Bench debates at an average of once a week, although not necessarily every week consecutively, and we have kept up that average. We felt it imperative that we reserved time this week for a Backbench Business Committee. Finally a post 2010 reform of the House of Commons introduced the Backbench Business Committee, which is a forum for backbenchers to debate topical issues of the day. A prominent example was when on November 20th 2014 Conservative MP Steve Baker conducted the first debate in the Commons on money creation for over 150 years.

The Backbench Business Committee encourages cross-party working. As well as procedures that enable backbenchers to hold ministers to account, there are also mechanisms in the Commons which give MPs the opportunity to air their concerns and debate issues they are particularly interested in. Backbench Business Committee - Minutes of Evidence Transcript of representations made on Tuesday 3 December 2013 HOUSE OF COMMONS REPRESENTATIONS MADE BEFORE THE BACKBENCH BUSINESS COMMITTEE BACKBENCH BUSINESS. TUESDAY 3 DECEMBER 2013. JOHN MCDONNELL and GRAHAME M. MORRIS MR DAVID ANDERSON, STEVE ROTHERAM,.

The Backbench Business Committee is hailed as the battering ram which is breaching Government control of Commons business what is discussed and when etc., leading to the ultimate prize of a ‘full’ House Business Committee in the coming year. 2009.1 Before the Backbench Business Committee existed, only government and opposition parties could schedule votable motions on the floor of the House. 6. On 15 June 2010, early in the new Parliament, the House voted to establish a Backbench Business Committee with the powers to determine the backbench business to be taken in “. backbench business committee - minutes of evidence backbench house of commons representations taken before the backbench business committee backbench debates tuesday 26 june 2012 right hon. mr frank field right hon. mr michael meacher, steve baker and right hon. simon hughes mr bernard jenkin, greg mulholland, priti patel and lindsay roy. 2 Establishment and operation of the Committee. 5. The idea of setting up a Backbench Business Committee was first proposed by the House of Commons Reform Committee also known as the Wright Committee in November 2009. Before the Backbench Business Committee existed, only government and opposition parties could schedule votable motions on the. Timings of backbench business debates In: Backbench Business Committee debates If your debate is in the Chamber, it will not start until preceding business, such as Question Time and any urgent questions or oral statements, have finished, and it must end at the usual finish time for main business 10pm on Mondays, 7pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 5pm on Thursdays.

  1. The House of Commons Backbench Business Committee has responsibility for scheduling non-ministerial business in the new Parliament. It schedules business on 35 days or their equivalent, at least 27 of which take place in the House of Commons Chamber and the rest in Westminster Hall.
  2. The Backbench Business Committee of the British House of Commons was created on 15 June 2010 through the adoption of a new standing order. It was created soon after 2010 general election, but had been proposed during the previous Parliament by the Wright Committee on Reform of the House of Commons in its report of 12 November 2009.
  3. The Backbench Business Committee is responsible for scheduling non - ministerial business in the House. The Backbench Business Committee schedules business on 35 days or their equivalent in each session, at least 27 of which take place in the House of Commons Chamber and the rest in Westminster Hall. ‘Backbench business’ is defined by.

My right hon. Friend the Leader of the House meets regularly with the Chair of the Backbench Business Committee to discuss a range of issues relating to Back-Bench business. My right hon. Friend and I have attended meetings of what he calls the Backbench Business Committee’s weekly salon. NICK: We really must do something about the Backbench Business ’s turned into a bit of a loose cannon. some of the members like Redwood are not ‘on message’ if you get my meaning.all that populist stuff about giving the little people an EU referendum,letting the cat. 30/10/2018 · My Member of Parliament Carol Monaghan MP will be at the Backbench Business Committee meeting today at 2:30 to discuss the next UK Parliamentary Debate. calendar. This link for Parliament TV below should work nearer the time. 1 There shall be a select committee, called the Backbench Business Committee, to determine the backbench business to be taken in the House and in Westminster Hall on days, or parts of days, allotted for backbench business. 2 The committee shall consist of a chair and seven other Members, of whom four shall be a quorum.

What happens in a backbench business debate in the Chamber In: Backbench Business Committee debates. If you secured the debate, you make the first speech and start it by moving the motion, saying, “I beg to move the motion in my name on the Order Paper” or reading out the motion. unsuccessful applications by Committee Chairs or other applicants for Estimates Day debates being left on the file as Backbench Business applications. Robert Halfon, Ben Bradley, Lucy Allan and Lucy Powell made representations. Q1 Chair: Good afternoon and welcome to the Backbench Business Committee. Compra Review of the Backbench Business Committee: Government response to the Committee's second report of session 2012-13, third special report of session 2012-13..

A Backbench Business Committee BBBC, comprising seven to nine elected members, would be responsible for scheduling backbench business; ministers would continue to have first call on House time for government business Reform of the House of Commons Committee, 2009, pp. 54–55. 16/12/2014 · The House of Commons' Backbench Business Committee was established in 2010 following research by Professor Meg Russell which suggested that such a committee, with responsibility for programming a new category of backbench business, would open Westminster up to important debates that might not otherwise have taken place.

The business to be debated is selected by the Backbench Business Committee see Chapter 38 and comprises all proceedings in the Chamber relating to a motion or order of the day except government business, opposition business, end-of-day adjournment motions, ten-minute rule motions under Standing Order No 23, Private Members' Bills, proceedings. He took us to the Backbench Business Committee and mobilised 100 MPs from nine different parties, and it is down to him that we have secured the debate. I pay tribute to him for achieving that. I also join in the tributes to my hon. 22/01/2015 · Backbench Business Committee on the work of the House, but the Government response to the Procedure Committee’s review agreed that the Backbench Business Committee has been widely welcomed as a successful and effective innovation. 01/01/2018 · BuzzFeed News investigates. This Is How Backbenchers Are Taking Back Control In Parliament. He is chair of the backbench business committee, which was set up in 2010 to allow MPs to table their own topics for debate in both the Commons chamber and Westminster Hall.

How to apply for a Backbench Business Committee debate In: Backbench Business Committee debates. These steps are for you as an MP, although your staff can help with step 1. Steps. Fill in an application form download a form Word doc, 48KB from the Backbench Business Committee’s website or contact the Committee for a hard copy.

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